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Home Page A summary of our site and your navigation base for viewing it.
Gems and Jewelry Describes the types of gemstones and jewelry that we offer 
      -Lab-Grown Gemstones Lists our lab-grown gems 
          *Alexandrite Lists lab-grown alexandrite color-change gemstones
          *Blue Sapphire Lists lab-grown blue sapphire gemstones
          *Citrine Lists lab-grown, faceted citrine, the yellow variety of quartz
          *Cubic Zirconia-Clear and Colors Lists lab-grown, fancy-colored cubic zirconia faceted gemstones
          *Emerald  Lists lab-grown emerald faceted gemstones
          *Padparadscha Pink Sapphire  Lists lab-grown padparadscha pink sapphire cut gems
          *Ruby     Lists lab-grown red ruby gemstones
          *Fancy-color and White Sapphires Lists lab-grown colorless, yellow, and pink sapphires

          *Other Lab-Grown Gemstones


Lists other lab-grown gemstones

      -Natural Gemstones    Lists natural, faceted, semiprecious gemstones of many types plus some cabochons
          *Apatite Apatite faceted gemstones, natural
          *Aquamarine Aquamarine faceted gemstones and cats eye gems,  natural
          *Amethyst  Amethyst gemstones, natural

          *Other Natural Gems




Other gemstones, natural

          *Garnet Garnet faceted gemstones, natural
          *Morganite Morganite (pink/peach colored beryl) faceted gemstones, natural
          *Peridot Peridot gemstones, natural
          *Quartz Quartz gemstones, natural, other than amethyst and citrine
          *Topaz Topaz gemstones, blue, golden brown, natural
          *Tourmaline Tourmaline gemstones, natural
      -Jewelry Mountings (Settings)      
             Engagement Rings
Examples of gem settings we can provide in gold or silver
      -Fine Jewelry Lists  fine jewelry we have made with inlay, intarsia, faceted stones, and silver
      -Informal Jewelry Lists a large variety of cabochon, bead,  and other semiprecious-stone informal jewelry
      -Meteorite Jewelry Lists Meteorite fragment pendants
Customer Comments Unsolicited comments from our customers
News & Info Some interesting facts related to our business
Orders Details the procedures and terms for ordering items from us. 


See www.siliconsultant.com 
for consulting services in silicon crystal growth.

See www.geolite.com 
for fine gemstones & jewelry