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Blue-green apatite 3mm round This small, round apatite gem is 3mm diameter.  It is fairly clean, but does have some inclusions visible under 10x loupe.  It weighs just 0.09 ct. and is priced at $55/ct. (See notes on 39002 regarding hardness and durability.)     new



Blue-green apatite 5x3mm oval Note that apatite is a relatively soft stone, and so is generally not used for rings unless the gem will be well protected. It can be used in a variety of other forms of jewelry. This one, a 5x3mm oval, has moderate inclusions (visible to the eye). It weighs 0.27 ct. and is priced at just $45/ct.     new



Blue-green apatite 3mm trillion Here is another small natural apatite, this one faceted in a 3mm trillion shape. It has nice blue-green color, and only slight inclusions (visible under 10x loupe). It weighs 0.12 ct. Priced at $55/ct.     new



Blue-green apatite 7x5mm rectangular octagon Apatite is a soft gemstone with a hardness of 5 on the Moh’s hardness scale, and should not be used for rings unless care is taken to avoid scratching it. It is great for pendants. This 7x5 mm oval stone has a very pleasant color. There is a faint line (inclusion) visible under 10x loupe. This natural gem's total weight is 0.9 ct. Priced at $55/ct



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