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$6.00 FLAT RATE SHIPPING within the US for loose gemstones, no minimum order required. Includes Alaska and Hawaii. Applies to gemstones (not finished jewelry) mailed via USPS. For a shipping rate quote for jewelry within the US, or for all international orders, email us at Sales Inquiries.

UPDATE: Until further notice, Geolite will not be accepting orders from Russia.

If you'd like to discuss a potential order, or have questions, send an e-mail to Information.

To place an order for loose gemstones within the US, click on the PayPal icon below and follow the instructions as they come up. For the item description, write the item number(s) of the gemstones you want, plus shipping. For the price, put the total for the gemstones + $6 for shipping. If you happen to live in Colorado, add sales tax (multiply 0.045 times the gemstone price). "Quantity" stays set at 1 because the complete order is referred to as one item on this PayPal form.

We accept payment through a PayPal account, or with a credit or debit card via PayPal (no PayPal account is necessary for this).

Here's an example. Let's say you live in the US and want to use either a PayPal account or a credit card to get gemstones that you will have one of your local jewelers set for you, for example two 5mm round lab alexandrites and a 10mm heart shape lab ruby. You can use the prices shown on our website to figure the total for this order:
21005  5mm round lab alexandrite, 2 @ $47.85 -- $95.70
25810  10mm heart shape lab ruby -- $132.90
Subtotal -- $228.60
Shipping -- $6
Total -- $234.60
(If shipping will be to an address in Colorado, add 4.5% sales tax: 0.045 x $228.60 = $10.29)
Click on the PayPal icon below. For the item description, put "Two 21005 5mm round lab alexandrites and one 25810 10mm heart lab ruby, plus shipping." For the price put $234.60 (or $244.89 within Colorado). Leave quantity set at 1. You will be returned to our website after the payment is made.

If you would rather have us figure your total for you, that's fine. Just email us at Sales Inquiries about what you want to get, and we will reply with the total and what to put for the item description.
Also, feel free to email us if you need to discuss details of your order, for example if you want a lab sapphire that is dark blue vs. light blue, or a matching pair, or etc. We're happy to answer any questions.



Any gemstone listed on our website may be returned for a refund (excluding a 2% restocking fee and shipping costs) within 15 days of the date the item is received. It must be in original condition. Note that custom-assembled jewelry can be returned for a refund based on the gemstone price, but not the price of the settings. This is because we cannot return these to our settings supplier once the prongs have been bent to hold the gemstones. Please email us to request a Return Authorization Number. This number should accompany any item you return to us. You are responsible for return shipping charges. Returns should be sent  to the postal address shown below.

Postal address Geolite                                    Email:  Information
P. O. Box 1453  Sales Inquiries
Evergreen, CO


See www.siliconsultant.com 
for consulting services in silicon crystal growth.

See www.geolite.com 
for fine gemstones & jewelry