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Rhodolite Garnet 6x4 mm oval The cut of this gem is a standard 6x4-mm oval brilliant. A dark rhodolite garnet with nicely polished facets and containing a uniform density of inclusions which do not detract from the external appearance of the gemstone. The weight is 0.58 ct.  Priced at $18/ct. Sold out sold



Rhodolite Garnet 6x4 mm emerald cut A beautiful purple-pink rhodolite garnet faceted in a 6x4-mm rectangular "emerald" cut.  It is eye-clean and shows only a few internal inclusions under 10x magnification. A great gemstone weighing 0.63 ct. Priced at $38.00/ct.



Rhodolite Garnet 5 mm round A pretty pink rhodolite garnet cut in a Portuguese brilliant flower cut.  Shows some internal inclusions and a few wispy veils under 10x magnification, but is clean to the eye and has nice brilliance.  The weight is 0.59 ct.  Priced at $28.00/ct. Sold out sold



Rhodolite Garnet 6x4 mm oval Rhodolite garnet with a uniform purplish burgundy color cut in a 6x4-mm standard oval brilliant.  Lightly included when viewed under 10x magnification, but clean to the unaided eye. Nicely polished facets.  One available.  The weight is 0.57 ct. Priced at $25.00/ct.



Rhodolite Garnet 5x4 mm oval A pair of lighter purplish burgundy rhodolite garnets with lots of flash.  Well-cut and polished facets in a traditional brilliant oval.  One exhibits a veil when viewed under 10x magnification, that is not noticeable under normal viewing.  The average weight is 0.45 ct. Priced at $28.00/ct.  Price shown at right is per stone.  Available as a pair or individually. Sold out sold



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