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Informal or Casual Jewelry


Here are some of the casual jewelry or informal jewelry items we are offering for sale at this time.  They include meteorite pendants, cute turtle and bead necklaces, other unique bead necklaces, a variety of semiprecious gem cabochon pendants, including heart pendants and earrings, and other jewelry. Some of the natural stones in this casual jewelry include agate, jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli, hematite, garnet, malachite, crazy lace agate, moss agate, obsidian, picture jasper, various fossil materials, carnelian, rhodochrosite, and amber.  Check back with us periodically, as we will be adding many additional items such as earrings and a variety of bead necklaces.  You can click on any underlined Item # to see a photo of the item.  Use your browser's "back" button to return to the list.  1 inch = 25.4 mm



Item Description



Meteorite Pendants

We have a large selection of meteorite pendants ranging in price from $15 to $125, and these can be viewed at
http://www.geolite.com/meteorites.htm where individual photos, pricing, and details of origin are given.



Turtle and Bead Necklaces All of our turtle necklaces have the same design, a 32-mm carved stone turtle at the bottom of a string of 4mm beads in matching colors. They come in a huge variety of natural colors in addition to the ones shown here (ask for details). These necklaces are assembled by our family, here in Colorado.
Symbolically, the turtle represents wisdom, long life or eternity in various cultures. Artistically, its shape lends itself beautifully to this design.


Green spot agate turtle bead necklace White turtle with green dots. Beads are white jade and green jade. sold



White turtle bead necklace The white shell on this turtle is citron chrysocolla. The beads have just subtle color variations; they are quartz, jasper, and mother of pearl. new



Green aventurine turtle bead necklace The beautiful ombré pattern on this necklace comes from graded shades of green aventurine and milky-white quartz. The turtle's shell is also made of aventurine. new



White turtle bead necklace This turtle necklace is similar to 51007 above, with the addition of zebra jasper (dark green with white stripes) adding another element of interest to the bead sequence. The beads are white howlite, zebra jasper, quartz, and mother of pearl; the shell is citron chrysocolla. new



Green spot agate turtle bead necklace This turtle's shell is white with green spots (it's made of green spot agate). It's strung with green and white beads (white jade, quartz, and three shades of green aventurine). new



Red-orange jasper turtle bead necklace Solid rust-colored jasper turtle with matching beads accented with occasional coral and spotted jasper beads.   sold



 Lt. green turtle bead necklace Semi-translucent white quartz mottled with green makes a subtly colored shell.  Matching beads alternate quartz and jade. sold 



Golden yellow turtle bead necklace This turtle has racing stripes - watch out, hare! It's actually a subtle set of strips running through the golden yellow calcite shell. The beads are matching shades of quartz. new



Golden yellow turtle bead necklace This turtle also has a golden yellow calcite shell. Interspersed with the matching golden yellow quartz beads, though, there are beautiful tiger eye beads as well. new



Peach turtle bead necklace This turtle's shell is a pretty light peach colored calcite, with matching light peach colored howlite beads accenting dark peach carnelian beads. Very nice! new



Unique bead necklaces All the beads in these necklaces are made from natural semi-precious stones. Sterling silver dangle earrings with matching beads are available, even if not pictured.   


Red and green special necklace For Christmas or any time of year.  Bright green malachite and pale green amazonite 6 and 8 mm beads alternate with 2mm garnet beads with a unique 10 mm malachite "bullseye" sphere at the bottom of this 21 1/2 " necklace.  Earrings 52003 for $8 match this necklace.



Small bead rose quartz, amethyst & amazonite necklace  Pale rose quartz, light green amazonite and amethyst 4mm beads produce a dainty medley in  this 23 " necklace. 



Small bead white, purple & aqua necklace   White mother of pearl sets off the pure shades of purple amethyst and aqua amazonite  4mm beads for a bright, pretty effect for this 23 " necklace. 



Small bead  purple & aqua necklace   Like 51505 above, except it only has alternating aqua-amazonite and purple amethyst 4mm beads -- no mother of pearl.



Lively rust-tone jasper necklace

Artistically shaped jasper pendant combines shades of rust and brown with a little black and tan.. Jasper 4mm beads reflect these same colors in the same proportions.  The overall effect is cool and classy.   



Snow-flake obsidian dolphin bead necklace

Neatly spotted dolphin of snowflake obsidian  balancing a ball is suspended from 4mm beads in alternating black onyx and snowflake obsidian.   



Roses galore necklace  Rose lovers, take note!  There are so many different elements here that this one must be seen in photos.  The bottom pendant is an intricately carved silver circle of roses.  Separated by 3mm garnet beads is a medley of beads of  rose quartz, Venetian glass beads with roses inside, silver beads of carved roses, and so on...  This one of  a kind  necklace is for someone special.  Matching earrings are just $8.



Cabochon Rings


Montana agate silver ring This translucent Montana agate has dispersed brown/black inclusions that give it a pleasing appearance.   Set in a size 10 rhodium-plated silver mounting



Cabochon Pendants, Large 40x30 mm Cabochon Pendants in a variety of materials
(Chains are available -- see bottom of page)


Malachite 40x30 mm pendant Malachite multi-shade green 40x30 mm cabochon pendant with delicate bull’s eye patterns, in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Malachite 40x30 mm pendant Malachite multi-shade green 40x30 mm cabochon pendant with bold banding in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Crazy lace agate 40x30 mm pendant Colors are pink, cranberry and gray in these horizontal bands which interrupt to become lace or crystals in this crazy lace agate 40x30 mm cabochon pendant, in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  sold



Moss agate 40x30 mm pendant Delicate green tendrils looking very much like ferns abound here and are accented by white agate pockets in this 40x30 mm moss agate cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Moss agate 40x30 mm pendant Bold green mossy ropes twist like vines across a white agate background in this 40x30 mm moss agate cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Snowflake obsidian 40x30 mm pendant Dainty light gray flakes drift against a black background in this volcanic stone of snowflake obsidian 40x30 mm cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Leopard skin jasper 40x30 mm pendant Leopard skin jasper 40x30 mm cabochon pendant with a pleasing pink, gray and black coloration, in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Striped jasper 40x30 mm pendant Diagonal wavy stripes of cranberry and gray distinguish this 40x30 mm jasper cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.   on hold



Picture jasper 40x30 mm pendant Warm tones of tan and brown make a desert scene on this 40x30 mm picture jasper cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Snowflake obsidian 40x30 mm pendant A diagonal swirl of gray blossoms on black obsidian on a 40x30 mm cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.   on hold



Malachite 40x30 mm pendant Curves and points of banded green for a 40x30 mm malachite cabochon pendant in a silver cinch-mount setting.    on hold



Cabochon Pendants, Medium 30x22 mm Cabochon Pendants in a variety of materials
(Chains are available -- see bottom of page)


Blue lace agate 30x22 mm pendant Vertical rows of lace in contrasting shades of powder blue to white appeal in this 30x22 mm cabochon pendant of blue lace agate in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.   sold



Moss agate 30x22 mm pendant This is a true go-with-anything stone because its nearly translucent nature lets the color of clothing beneath show through and dramatize the delicate black tendrils within in a 30x22 mm cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.   on hold




Unakite 30x22 mm pendant Yellow-green swatches accented with bits of salmon are delicately combined in this 30x22 mm unakite cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Carnelian 30x22 mm pendant There is exquisite narrow angular banding in this 30x22 mm pendant with muted shades of caramel and rust carnelian cabochon in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Carnelian 30x22 mm pendant The horizontal banding is in high contrast shades of orange, brown, beige and white in this 30x22 mm carnelian cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Tiger iron 30x22 mm pendant An artistic curve of golden tiger eye and dark gray hematite makes a strong  statement in this 30x22 mm tiger iron cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.    on hold



Moss agate 30x22 mm pendant Delicate black moss-like dendrites drift on a mostly translucent background, allowing the color of clothing underneath to tint the hue of this 30x22 mm moss agate cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.   on hold 



Crinoid fossil 30x22 mm pendant How often do you see tiny ancient sea creature shapes like rings and tubes in attractive shades of pink and gray on a black background?  Variations of this are in 30x22 mm crinoid fossil cabochon pendants in sterling silver cinch-mount settings.  Only one remaining -- 55223d  on hold




Cabochon Pendants, Small 25x18 mm, 18x32 mm and other sizes of Cabochon Pendants in a variety of materials  
(Chains are available -- see bottom of page)


Petrified wood 25x18 mm pendant Rare fossil of the bark of an ancient tree in dramatic black and white. Unlikely you will see another like this petrified wood 25x18 mm cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Malachite 25x18 mm pendant Unique pattern of spots stripes and eyes in this nice light green 25x18 mm malachite pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting. sold



Variscite 25x18 mm pendant A pleasant light lime-green color in this 25x18 mm variscite cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Malachite 25x18 mm pendant A 25x18 mm malachite cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting. Has a striking, unusual banding pattern. on hold



Agate 25x18 mm pendant Translucent banded reddish-brown carnelian 25x18 mm agate cabochon pendant in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Carnelian 25x18 mm pendant 25x18 mm carnelian cabochon pendant with a broad horizontal band, in a sterling silver cinch-mount setting.  on hold



Sugilite 18x13 mm  pendant An  8 ct. sugilite pendant cut in an 18x13mm high-domed oval cabochon shape is subtly veined in many shades of purple on close inspection.  A purple-lovers delight for sure.  



Opal doublet free-form pendant 16x10 mm  Strong and plentiful splashes of red, green, and blue make this a dazzling free-form opal doublet pendant.  Inlaid in silver.   Note that there is a curved defect line in this gemstone.  It can be seen in the photo as a faint white line, going from the red patch at upper right to the red patch at middle right. sold



Cat Pendants 
  1. A sterling silver cat has wrapped itself around different semi-precious  cabochon gems in an artistic fashion possible only for cats to achieve.
  2. The measurement given is for the gemstone.
  3. A variety of chains are available -- see bottom of page.


Yellow Cat's eye 14x10 mm  cat pendant  A sharply defined eye in this unusually yellow tiger-eye stone may remind you of a special feline friend you have known. sold 



Brown Cat's eye 14x10 mm  cat pendant  In a warm reddish brown color, this undefined tiger eye has a mysterious look about it.    



Carnelian 14x10 mm  cat pendant  This bright, true orange color is rarely seen.  The subtle shading of lighter  to darker proves that it is natural, as are all of these cabochons.   



Tiffany stone purple 14x10 mm  cat pendant  On a purple background, the intricately shaped little black markings are the reason this stone is completely unique.  sold



Heart Pendants and Earrings
  1. The measurement given for hearts is taken across the widest horizontal part.
  2. All hearts are of natural stone, and polished on both sides, for a 3-D effect with different degrees of puffiness.
  3. Heart pendants in some cases have matching earrings, but they do not have to be purchased as a set. Earring settings for any pair can be of either type shown.
  4. A variety of chains are available -- see bottom of page.
55402 GREEN, MALACHITE   sold
55404 PINK, RHODOCHROSITE  (We have several similar to the one pictured, but that specific heart has sold.) $18.00
55405, 55406 BLUE, SODALITE
55405a,b,c,d,e 25 mm hearts These five sodalite hearts have its popular shades of dark and light blue.  All except c also have diagonal streaks of pure white. (e sold, others still available)   $8.00
55406d 20 mm hearts Dark blue earrings have lighter blue markings. $10.00
55407c 20 mm hearts Yellow, black and gray form spots and swirls on these jasper earrings. $10.00
55408b 20 mm hearts These earrings are a smaller version of 55408a. $12.00
55409 cont   BLUE AND DENIM BLUE LAPIS    
55409b 20 mm hearts These earrings are of the same stone as in 55409a. $12.00
55409 d-l 25 mm hearts Wide variety of light blue or denim blue lapis 25mm heart pendants, priced per heart ("l" is sold)   $15.00
55409 m-n 30-33mm hearts Deep blue Lapis 30-33mm hearts with gold pyrite inclusions   $19.00
55419 22 mm heart A pure, lightweight amber heart pendant.   $11.00
55410d 20 mm heart earrings Beautiful amber heart earrings!.   $12.00
55411b 20 mm hearts Nature tastefully designed sea creatures in pink, black and gray fossils for these . $10.00
55412, 55413 BLUE - GREEN, MIXED
55412a 27 mm heart On an aqua background is a subtle design like woven fabric in this amazonite pendant. $9.00
55412c 23 mm heart Pure aqua amazonite makes a dainty elegant pendant in a popular color. $7.00
55413a 25mm hearts This popular shade of blue-green flecked with rose and white is a variation of fancy jasper.   $7.00
55414 30mm hearts GREEN SPOTTED AGATE HEARTS, 30mm $7.00
55415a 25 mm heart Curving tendrils of dark green on white makes an intriguing pendant of moss agate. $7.00
55415e 25 mm heart Dark green vines wrap around this white heart in one of the many patterns of moss agate. $12.00
55415f 34 mm heart This shapely heart of opaque aventurine is a quiet compromise of green and blue-green that will go with many outfits. $9.00
55416a 25 mm heart This pendant has black markings on rust for a dynamic effect. $7.00
55416b 25 mm heart Red, pink and gray make fine-grained vertical swirls in this pendant. $7.00
55416c 20 mm hearts These earrings are the same stone as 55416a. $10.00
55417d 15 mm hearts These cute red earrings are a match to either 55417a or b.   $10.00
55418a 25 mm heart The white of this howlite pendant is interrupted by its typical gray veins. $7.00
55418b 30 mm heart This snowy quartz heart is striking in its pure whiteness. $7.00
55418c 20 mm hearts Pure white marble makes very useful earrings. $5.00
55420a,b,d 25 mm hearts There is enough white swirled through the shades of green, pink, yellow and purple to call them pastel, but still these fancy jasper colors are vibrant.   $7.00
55422a,b,c,d,e 25 mm hearts Rich purple amethyst, each with some version of amethyst’s characteristic white chevron shapes within. (b, d, e  have sold) $8.00
55424 25 mm heart Narrow alternating diagonal stripes of purple and teal in a translucent background make this a dainty pendant.   $9.00
55424 cont 25mm heart More 25mm fluorite hearts   $9.00
55426a,b 25 mm heart The two distinctive colors of Unakite, salmon and yellowish green, are evenly distributed in artistic swatches here. b, not shown, is very similar. a is sold    $7.00


55428b,c 25 mm hearts


The “eye” is distinct in these two golden tiger eye stones with wide diagonal bands (25428b,c have sold). sold  $8.00


55428a,d,e 25 mm hearts The dark blue included with the tiger eye diagonal stripes qualify these as hawkseye, with its broader range of color. ("a" is sold) $8.00


55430a,b 25 mm hearts Colorful tiger iron . A has bold horizontal streaks of red and yellow on metallic hematite grey. B is a more subtle version of the same colors in diagonal striping.   $8.00


55431 25 mm heart One photo cannot show the uniqueness of this tiger iron pendant with graceful curving golden stripes on one side, and a bold sweep of red on the other side.   $7.00


55440b,c 30 mm hearts Similar but still unique, these two heart shaped pendants have an orthoceras fossil plunging through the center. Light gray and black.  These two are larger than the other hearts listed here. sold $9.50


Cross pendants 
  1. If one measurement is given, it is taken across the widest horizontal part.
  2. Chains are available -- see below


Jasper cross pendants a, b, c, and d are stylized crosses of rainforest jasper.  Their colors are swirls of soft blue-green and lilac pink.  e and h are bloodstone crosses , green with red spots.  f and g are larger, more traditionally shaped crosses of red jasper.  f is speckled and g has diagonal stripes. (these have sold, but we have several that are very similar to a-e) on hold 

$ 9.00


amber cross pendant   Four of the very different shades of amber appear in six attractive oval shaped stones to make this special cross.  sold

$35 .00


Lapis and sterling silver cross pendant      The beautiful shape of this cross which outlines bright blue lapis  in a silver setting has made it a huge favorite with the few who have seen it. One available.  



Fossil pendants 


Fossil pendant This orthoceras has been shaped to a symmetrical cone with its natural  black background setting off the light and darker gray markings of this ancient sea creature.    

$8 .00


Tear Drop, Pear  Shaped, and free-form  Pendants  
  1. If one measurement is given, it is the width .
  2. Chains are available -- see below


Crazy lace agate 21 mm pendant Crazy lace drop pendant has vertical scallops and pinstripes in shades of rust, peach, gray and off-white.    on hold



Malachite 45x26 mm pendant  The graceful diagonal swirl of stripes in this large teardrop pendant show the different shades of malachite green to artistic effect. sold 



Amethyst crystal cluster 36x25 mm pendant  The front shows the purple beauty of amethyst crystals as they occur in nature.  The sides have silver electroplating and the back is smooth polished stone. the one pictured has sold, but we have one available that is very similar   



Malachite 38x23 mm pendant  There is the beauty of a  natural precision about this teardrop-shaped pendant with its even distribution of the light and dark greens of malachite in diagonal stripes.  sold 



 Moss agate 25 mm pendant On a milky quartz background drift delicate black dendrites which look very much like tree branches on this naturally artistic moss agate drop pendant.   sold 



Plume agate 25 mm pendant Delicate light yellow plume formations in a translucent matrix form a lovely teardrop pendant.  Not as orange/rust-tone as the photo implies.  on hold



Moss agate 23 mm  pendant This oval moss agate pendant has a background of milky quartz with a landscape of yellow plumes and black dendrites.   on hold 



 Amber Pendants   All these pendants have a rich reddish color.  They have been polished in their originally formed drop shapes, but chosen for their near-symmetry. 
The measurement given is the length.   Chains are available (see below).


55880b Amber pendant  28mm A three-dimensional raindrop shape, this is clear other than a couple small inclusions.  


55880d Amber pendant  25mm A dainty flattened teardrop, this amber is clear except for two small mossy inclusions.    


55880e Amber pendant  29mm A little longer, this drop is similar but with a little more moss.   


We have a supply of sterling silver chains for use with the pendants above, if you need one.  These include light and medium rope styles, as well as cable styles for heavier pendants.  Lengths are 18" and 20" with some 16" and 24" also available.  Other styles can be ordered. Price varies with silver market price; ask us for a price quote. For chains not in stock, delivery time is typically two weeks or less and there is a range of prices depending on style.

See www.siliconsultant.com 
for consulting services in silicon crystal growth.

See www.geolite.com 
for fine gemstones & jewelry