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Other Natural Gemstones







Diopside Green Chrome Diopside


Green chrome diopside 7x5 mm oval This 7x5 mm green chrome diopside gemstone is faceted in an oval brilliant cut. It is a rich emerald-green color and is very clean, even under 10X loupe examination.  Chrome diopside is a soft gem (5 on the Mohs hardness scale) and is better used for pendants than rings, which get harder wear.  The weight is 0.91 ct. 



Sunstone Copper-rich Oregon Sunstone


Sunstone 6x4 mm oval This is a dainty, 6x4mm oval natural Oregon sunstone faceted in a Portuguese brilliant flower cut. It is a nice light pinkish orange color. The Mohs harness rating for this mineral is about 6.5. This stone, which weighs 0.39ct., has slight inclusions and also has a small chip in the girdle; therefore it is priced at only $40/ct. sold  sold



Sunstone 8x6 mm oval Color is what makes this gemstone special! This natural Oregon sunstone has excellent clarity, and is a medium orangey-red color. It is faceted in an 8x6mm oval Portuguese brilliant flower cut, and weighs 1.17ct. It is priced at $205/ct.  



Sunstone 9x7 mm oval At 1.77ct., this natural Oregon sunstone is faceted in a 9x7mm oval Portuguese brilliant flower cut. Sunstones are approximately a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, and are the official state gemstone of Oregon. This one is bicolor, being generally gold but also pink in areas. The effect is fairly subtly because both colors are light (low saturation). This gem has slight inclusions, and is priced at $115/ct.  



Sunstone 9x7 mm oval Small plates of copper, which give natural sunstone its color, are clearly visible to the eye in this 9x7mm oval. This stone is an excellent example of this unique mineral, and is a rosy peach color. Other than the desirable copper, this gemstone has no visible inclusions. It is faceted in a Portuguese brilliant flower cut, and weighs 1.71ct. Priced at $135/ct.  



Sunstone 10x8 mm oval This special stone is a tri-color natural sunstone: simultaneously pink, yellow, and gray-blue. It has a broad swath of copper particles that are just barely visible to the naked eye, and is faceted in a 10x8mm oval Portuguese brilliant flower cut. Oregon sunstone has a rating on the Mohs hardness scale of about 6.5. This stone would make a nice pendant! The weight is 2.44ct., priced at $145/ct.  



Sunstone 6 mm trillion We have a 6mm trillion-cut natural sunstone that is a very attractive burnished copper color. This is the official Oregon state gemstone! This one is a nice, clean gem. It weighs 0.54ct. and is priced at $205/ct.  



Sunstone 7 mm trillion This may be the nicest of all of our natural Oregon sunstones! It's a 7mm trillion, and is a gorgeous warm, coppery red-orange color. This would make a stunning pendant! The Mohs hardness rating for this mineral is about 6.5. It weighs 0.98ct. and is priced at $240/ct. (This stone is similar to 39306 above, but is a darker, more reddish color.)  



Chrysoberyl Yellow-Green Chrysoberyl


Chrysoberyl 6x4mm oval With a placement of 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, chrysoberyl is an excellent choice for rings that are worn frequently or daily. This gem (left in photo) is faceted in a 6x4mm Portuguese brilliant flower cut. It has good clarity, with just slight inclusions. The weight is 0.48ct., priced at $204/ct.  



Chrysoberyl 8x6mm oval This is a very nice example of natural chrysoberyl! This gemstone has excellent clarity and strong yellow-green color. Faceted in a Portuguese brilliant flower cut, it measures 8x6mm (oval) and weighs 1.23ct. The price is $260/ct.; price shown at right.  



Chrysoberyl 5mm trillion In the trillion shape, we have two nice, natural chrysoberyl gemstones available. This one, on the left in the photo, measures 5mm and weighs 0.41ct. It is eye clean, with inclusions just barely visible under 10x loupe. Priced at $230/ct.  



Chrysoberyl 6mm trillion This 6mm trillion yellow-green chrysoberyl would make a very nice ring, especially considering the remarkable hardness of this mineral (8.5 on the Mohs scale), or a lovely pendant. This gemstone has slight inclusions just barely visible to the eye. It weighs 0.73ct. and is priced at $204/ct.  




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