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Medium blue topaz 8x6 mm oval This 8x6mm oval natural topaz is a nice, medium blue color and has excellent clarity.  The weight is 1.32 ct., and it's priced at $9.80/ct.   sold  



Medium blue topaz 9x7 mm oval We have three two of these 9x7mm oval natural blue topazes with excellent cut and clarity. These would make great earrings! The average weight is 2.12 ct. Priced at $9.80/ct., and the price shown is per gemstone. sold



Medium blue topaz 9x7 mm oval This well-cut Swiss blue topaz contains some internal veils that detract slightly from its brightness. It's a 9x7mm oval weighing 2.3 ct. Priced at $7.80/ct



London blue topaz 10x8 mm oval This is an absolutely gorgeous topaz. The color is a rich, "London" blue, and the clarity is excellent. Faceted in an 11x9mm oval Portuguese brilliant flower cut. The weight is 3.72 ct., and it's priced at only $9.80/ct.    sold



White/clear topaz 9mm round This water-clear/white natural topaz would make an impressive ring or pendant. It's faceted in a 9mm round Portuguese brilliant flower cut and has excellent clarity. The weight is 2.95ct., priced at $10/ct. One available.     new



White/clear topaz 7x5mm rectangle We also have a water-clear/white natural topaz available in a 7x5mm rectangle cut-corner radiant. It has excellent clarity, and with a hardness rating of 8 on the Mohs scale this stone would be a very nice choice for a ring. The weight is 1.05ct., priced at $10/ct. One available.     new



Golden-brown topaz 10x8mm oval A nice large, light golden-brown topaz with excellent clarity and freedom from inclusions.  The stone is faceted in a 10x8-mm Portuguese brilliant flower-cut.  Weighs 3.31 ct.  One available. (Note: this type of golden-brown topaz can fade with excessive exposure to sunlight).



Light golden topaz 7x5mm rectangle This natural topaz has great sparkle! It's faceted in a 7x5mm rectangular cut-corner radiant, and weighs 1.05ct. The color is light gold (naturally - not treated in any way), and it has slight inclusions barely visible to the eye. One available.     new



Imperial topaz 7x5mm oval Imperial topaz is highly prized. Our specimens are naturally colored, not treated in any way. This gem is a 7x5mm oval faceted in a Portuguese brilliant flower cut. The color is a nice golden peach. Clarity is very good: eye clean, with very slight inclusions visible at 10 power magnification. This imperial topaz weighs 0.93ct.    



Imperial topaz 8x6mm oval We have two natural imperial topaz gems faceted in an 8x6mm oval Portuguese brilliant flower pattern. This one (on the left side in the photo) is 3.33mm deep and weighs 1.16ct. The color is a nice peach tone, and this gem is clean even at 10x magnification.   sold  



Imperial topaz 8x6mm oval The other imperial topaz available in the versatile 8x6mm size is also faceted in an oval Portuguese brilliant flower pattern, and it's 4.34mm deep with a weight of 1.49ct. This gem is shown on the right side in the photo. The color is golden peach, and the gemstone is eye clean. It has several small inclusions visible at 10x magnification. Sold out     sold  



Imperial topaz 7x5mm rectangle This is a very nice natural imperial topaz. It's a peachy-tan color and has not been treated or enhanced in any way. It has been faceted in a 7x5mm cut-corner radiant rectangular cut, and has excellent clarity. The weight is 0.96ct., and only one is available.     new 



Imperial topaz 4.8mm trillion This natural imperial topaz is faceted in a 4.8mm trillion shape. It would make a nice ring! The color is a light yellow-peach and the brilliance is excellent. The clarity is fair, with a few small inclusions just barely visible to the eye. This gem weighs 0.41ct.    



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