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We would be happy to work with you to create your perfect engagement ring!

There are many possibilities to choose from.
   You can have a ring made just for you!

Select the type of gemstone, as well as its size and shape, that you'd prefer.
Consider multiple gemstones or accents as well.

There are many possible styles for the ring setting, too.  And, each of the settings shown
here are available in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, or sterling silver.

Use the example pictures below to get some ideas,
and let us know what you like!


Beyond diamonds...
We offer the variety and affordability of a wide selection of lab-grown precious gems and natural semi-precious gems.
Do you prefer the traditional, diamond-like look of clear or subtly colored gems? Here are some examples:

lab sapphire
natural pink
natural aquamarine lab padparadscha
imperial topaz
cubic zirconia

Or would you prefer a rich splash of color? You might choose a birthstone (or a combination of yours and your fiancÚ's), a favorite color,
or any type of gem that has special meaning for you.
Here are a few examples from the rainbow of possibilities:

lab ruby lab emerald natural topaz lab blue sapphire color-change lab
lab padparadscha

A note on gemstone size:
Gems are set based on size (millimeters) rather than weight (carats). Different types of stones have different densities,
so even if they are the same size they would not necessarily be the same weight. For reference, here are the sizes of diamonds of various carat weights
(all examples are for round brilliant cut): 0.5ct = 5mm, 1.0ct = 6.5mm, 2.0ct = 8mm, 3.5 ct = 10mm.
It might also be helpful to look at the gem size comparison photo on our information page.

Choose a setting
Each band is available in sterling silver, yellow gold, or white gold. There are more variations available beyond what's shown below; these are some of our most popular styles.
Several of these settings will work with some other stone shapes in addition to what's shown---feel free to ask us! Many of these rings also appear on our mountings page, where
we list details such as the sizes of gems a setting can accommodate.

Single Stone Styles

Classic smooth bands:

Deep-Vee Solitaire Cast Wire Mount Crescent Swirl Joined Shank Offset Bypass Side Set

Shaped or decorated bands:

Tri-Step Side Leaf Fancy Offset Hearts Shank Filigree Filigree Offset
Side-Set Dome Three Leaf Petal Ring Regalle Inset Deep Vee Tri-Rib

Multi-Stone Styles
Note: We can provide small accent gems such as cubic zirconia, moissanite, or natural diamonds even though accent-size gems are not listed on our web pages for individual sale.
(With accents, you could have the tradition of natural diamonds without the expense of diamond as the central gem.)

Classic Three-Stone Triple Swirl Side Trillions Interlocking Hearts Trillion Asymmetrical
Side Accent Double Side Accent Vertical Double Accent Triple Accent Cluster
Intertwined Spray Side By Side Individual Accent Accented Side-Set




See www.siliconsultant.com 
for consulting services in silicon crystal growth.

See www.geolite.com 
for fine gemstones & jewelry