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In our Gems and Jewelry division, we offer a nice selection of natural and lab-grown (synthetic or created) faceted gemstones with an emphasis on synthetic padparadscha pink sapphire gems, lab emeralds, synthetic alexandrites, ruby, blue sapphire, drusy moissanite, YAG and other lab gemscolored cubic zirconias (CZs), as well as unique hand-made informal (casual) and fine jewelry using faceted, intarsia, inlaid, cabochon, and bead gemstones, and meteorites.  Necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, and other jewelry types are available. 

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In our Metals and Materials division, we supply a limited range of tantalum sheet metal foil and tantalum rods

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In our Used Lab Equipment division, we offer bargains on used and older, unused laboratory equipment, apparatus, and scientific instruments that we have acquired in the process of establishing our own lab facilities.

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See www.siliconsultant.com 
for consulting services in silicon crystal growth.
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See www.geolite.com 
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